• Planning a buck night? Need strippers?

    We are Adelaide most reputable adult entertainment agency providing everything from gorgeous lingerie hostesses and tasteful topless waitresses, to some of the sexiest, hottest, erotic, strip show entertainers. Servicing all areas of country and metropolitan in..
    Jul 16,2012
  • Adelaide Strippers – your average girl next door

    Here’s a fact about most strippers: they’ve heard it all before. There’s not much you can say that can shock or offend them, because they’re used to answering the most bizarre questions and being hit...
    Jun 30,2012
  • Strippers names – so bad they’re good

    Anyone with a sense of humour can appreciate the comedic value of a good pun. And by a good pun, we mean a bad pun. If you want to go to the Mecca of crappy sexual puns, puns that possess the subtlety of a sledgehammer, puns that are so bad they’re good....
    Apr 29,2012
  • Tips for hiring adult entertainment

    At Boobtique we are very proud of our strippers. We think they’re the finest strippers in Adelaide, and we think they should be treated with the utmost respect when taking their clothes off and licking whipped cream off each other.
    May 06,2012
  • Pick up Lines - Our waitresses have heard it all

    Buck’s parties seem to bring out the inner Casanova in some men. Get a semi-naked girl flirting with them and serving them beer, and all of a sudden they think they’re in..
    May 16,2012
  • What bucks night prank should you pull?

    A good bucks night prank can be forever remembered as one of those classic stories shared by a group of mates. Even if the prank wasn’t that good, the story of the prank....
    May 23,2012
  • Best man speech tips – don’t mention the jelly wrestling

    One of the most important jobs of a best man (apart from organising a raucous buck’s night), is the best man’s speech. You may think you’re Eddie Murphy, but this isn’t the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, this is a wedding....
    Jun 11,2012
  • Leave the dancing to the Stripper!

    There are usually two types of dancing at buck’s nights – strip dancing and drunk dancing. The strip dancing is usually performed by the stripper – the hired entertainer who gets her kit off and gives lap dances in a seductive, sexy manner...
    Jun 26,2012
  • Providing Adult Entertainment all areas of country and metropolitan in South Australia

    We have all heard HORROR STORIES.....
    May 19,2014
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