What bucks night prank should you pull?

May 23,2012

A good bucks night prank can be forever remembered as one of those classic stories shared by a group of mates. Even if the prank wasn’t that good, the story of the prank will get better and better each time it’s told, so it eventually becomes the most epic prank in the history of pranks. When you’re planning a prank, ask yourself two questions:

1. How will the prank affect your friendship with the groom?

2. Will the groom have his eyebrows back by the wedding date?

If you’ve answered both questions with: “Who cares, it’s so freakin’ worth it”, then you might want to run the idea past someone more sensible, just to be sure your prank is a) actually funny, and b) not likely to result in a custodial sentence for you or the groom.

The key to the success of any buck’s night prank is to get the groom off his chops. Once he is suitably plastered, you and your mates can strip his clothes off and get him into a mankini, and do what you will with him.

Another classic prank is to wait until the buck is passed out and “groom the groom” so to speak.

Although the aim of the bucks night prank is to humiliate the groom, we recommend stopping short of brutality. That means maybe think twice about the tarring and feathering prank, which in fact used to be a form of medieval retribution. Maybe just decorate him a little…

Our parting tip – if you’re hoping to continue to enjoy the occasional boys’ night out with the groom, it’s probably not a good idea to make a lifelong enemy of the bride by pulling a bucks night prank that ruins the wedding day!