Prior to entertainer's arrival

Entertainers work on a strict timeline and any hold-ups caused by lack of preparation will result in shorter performance time to keep them on schedule.

  • Performers will need a CLEAN, FLAT and SOLID area for their show.
  • If you are hosting a party outside during winter please ensure adequate heating is provided.
  • Ensure a good LOUD sound system is provided. Most performer will have their own CD and/or IPOD so please ensure your system is set up for this.
  • Good lighting is essential. We suggest the lights be dimmed.

On entertainer's arrival

  • When your entertainer arrives please allocate a room for her to get changed in and store her belongings safely. Either a bedroom or bathroom, for the performer to prepare privately.
  • The remainder payment is due on the entertainer's arrival, in cash, BEFORE any entertainment commences.
  • The performer will give you a CD or iPod for their show. Please test it quietly first while she prepares to ensure there are no issues with it playing.
  • Please ensure the performer’s show area is clear and ready for action. A strong, stable chair is required and is to be placed where you wish for the performer to dance.

Your Guest Rules

If you break these simple rules, entertainment will be stopped and no refund will be given. Please explain to your guests how you expect them to behave.

  • Girls are not to be touched.
  • Our performers may allow guided touching however this is up to the individual performer and the level of show booked.
  • NO cameras, videos or mobile phones are permitted during the performance.
  • Please respect the privacy of our entertainer's. You must seek approval from the individual entertainer prior to commencing if you wish to take a photo.
  • Performers are entitled to refuse a level of act booked i.e. XXX shows if females are present.
  • You cannot throw objects during the performance, insult, damage property or obscenely grope, or our performers. They are there to entertain the crowd not be insulted.

Terms and Conditions

Making payment

A booking fee is payable to confirm booking. We accept most payment options including Credit Card, EFTPOS, Direct Deposit or Cash. A GST compliant tax invoice will be supplied from Boobtique Entertainment Pty Ltd upon request. The contractor fee is payable direct to the Entertainer(s) individually on the date of the event upon arrival. A Tax Invoice is supplied on behalf of the booked contractor(s) however, GST does not apply to the contractor amounts.


Boobtique action the required work for your booking at the time your deposit is paid and the booked contractor(s) will reject any additional work offered to them from that time forward. Therefore, the cancellation of a booking at any time will result in the loss of the booking fee paid. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the booking time will result in all monies to be paid in full to the individual entertainer/s for loss of work. Alternatively you can re-book the same entertainment with the same contractors at at time outside of peak hours for a future date with in 30 days. For cancellations that involve a third party e.g. Package bookings, the deposit paid toward the reservation and/or arrangement of these cannot be refunded at all.


If your entertainer(s) cancel their booking and Boobtique Entertainment Pty Ltd are unable to find a replacement within a suitable time frame you will be refunded the deposit for that particular service. If the discount provided is greater than the booking fee of that particular service cancelled then no booking fee will be returned. 


Boobtique Entertainment Pty Ltd can not guarantee your requested entertainer(s) due to unforeseen circumstances. We will however endeavor to provide you with an adequate replacement in the unlikely case.

Time allocation

Boobtique Entertainment Pty Ltd at no time guarantees the specified time of entertainer(s) as stated on your booking form due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances. We allocate a full hour time slot in which the entertainer can arrive, do their show and leave. If you have a curfew or are working with strict time frames please book your show earlier as girls WILL be held up throughout the night from unexpected issues such as road works, city parking issues, unorganised buck show prior who have held them up, music issues, difficulties finding venue etc etc which are unavoidable on busy nights.


We have recommended that all artist have a registered Australian Business Number (ABN) from the Australian Taxation Office. The artist will supply a tax invoice to the client on request.

Public Liability & Insurance Policies

As Boobtique Entertainment Pty Ltd at no time is deemed to employ the Artist, therefore cannot be held responsible for events occurring during the period of their management, it is the responsibility of the Client to ensure adequate levels of Public Liability Insurance exist to cover all Artist’s used at any / all locations. Please Note: Boobtique Entertainment Pty Ltd is not liable for any loss or liability that may incur, not limited to personal injury and/or loss, for this reason Boobtique Entertainment Pty Ltd does not require, nor holds, any insurances for artist represented by Boobtique Entertainment Pty Ltd.

Images, Footage & Copyright Laws

There is to be no images and/or footage of artist to be taken, including mobile phone cameras at any time prior, during or at completion of the performance, unless prior authorisation has been granted by the individual artist. If approval is given the ownership of all images of the Artist remain with the Artist at all times and any unauthorised use or replication of their image will be an infringement of Australian Copyright Laws. Any image (still or moving) used without written authorisation from the artist or Boobtique Entertainment Pty Ltd will be deemed unauthorised usage and will be subject to legal proceedings.