Leave the dancing to the Stripper!

Jun 26,2012

There are usually two types of dancing at buck’s nights – strip dancing and drunk dancing.

The strip dancing is usually performed by the stripper – the hired entertainer who gets her kit off and gives lap dances in a seductive, sexy manner. On occasion, strip dancing will be performed by a male guest of a buck’s party, usually towards the end of the night and often lacking the technique of his female counterpart. Instead of a lap dance, the male will often perform the classic move known as the nudie run. Buck’s night revellers primarily perform drunk dancing after consuming multiple ales. Some of the dance moves often seen at buck’s nights include:

The shopping trolley

This move simulates the action of putting groceries in a shopping trolley while walking down the shopping aisle. You alternate between the left and right side of the aisle, and you only pick items off the one shelf level. So you end up with a shopping trolley full of condiments, but nothing else.

Roll the dice

This is pretty self-explanatory. You move at least one of your hands as if you are rolling dice. It’s quite awkward and sort of looks like another hand action that you may have performed quite a bit as a 15-year-old.

The running man

This is a classic dance move, even if it hasn’t been cool for more than a decade. This is the move made famous by Vanilla Ice, which basically involves running on the spot in an exaggerated sort of hopping motion. It might be passé but it can look pretty damn impressive if you pull it off.

Conclusion to this post… leave the dancing to the stripper!