Adelaide Strippers – your average girl next door

Jun 30,2012

What you should know about strippers

Here’s a fact about most strippers: they’ve heard it all before. There’s not much you can say that can shock or offend them, because they’re used to answering the most bizarre questions and being hit on with the lamest and dirtiest pick-up lines.

Perhaps one of the most common questions strippers are asked is: do you wanna do it? This leads us to our first fun fact.

Strippers won’t sleep with you. Forget what you’ve seen on those video websites, there will be no such stripper-turned whatever fantasy. You shouldn’t offer strippers money to have sex with you. That’s what prostitutes are for. Begging doesn’t work either, but that’s fine. Our strippers are there to get naked and dance sensually and they do a damn fine job of it.

A lap dance is a lap dance. It can be very funny or very naughty but it won’t lead to anything else, no matter how lovingly you gaze into her eyes. Don’t worry, our strippers can give killer lap dances that are sure you give you a rise – and that’s probably all you’ll be able to take.

Strippers have other stuff going on. Strippers aren’t strippers 24-7, and that’s a great thing. It makes them more interesting and it usually means they’re more self-confident. Our strippers enjoy what they do but they also have many other interests.

Hopefully this gives you a bit of an insight into the world of stripping. It’s all common sense really. All you really need to know is that if you book our strippers and don’t act like a complete lout (a drunken buffoon is acceptable), you’ll have a ripping good time.