Planning a buck night? Need strippers?

Jul 16,2012

We have all heard HORROR STORIES when it comes to hiring adult entertainment for a bucks night.

Whether it be the dreamy dancer in the photo you selected got replaced by with someone you did not ask for (and never would) or maybe the girl did not show up at all? Maybe the busty babe who has been hired to waitress and host the event turns out to be a real ball breaker and doesn’t want to get involved with anything but her mobile phone?

This can cause much embarrassment for the best man when his mates start pointing the finger at the organiser and demand their money back! Planning a bucks show can be tedious, time consuming and difficult to do during work hours.

There is just one simple rule to follow to avoid any mishaps. Ask your mates for a referral! There are not many reputable agencies that live up to their guarantee. Don’t go for the biggest company just because that’s all you know. Don’t go for the cheapest company because you literally ‘get what you pay for’. And, don’t leave things to the last minute because there’s a good chance the girl you wanted has been booked already.

Boobtique have done the hard work for you and we pride ourselves at keeping the team professional and our business honest. Our team is small because we only hire the best strippers and topless waitresses Adelaide has to offer. Our team is made up of the girls YOU tell us to keep!

Boobtique will answer the questions you have not asked yet when making a booking. We’ve done this 1000 times over so we will tell you exactly what you need to know to make sure your bucks night runs smoothly.

Sure things can still go wrong but we are the only agency who caters for contingencies by getting an overflow of preferred entertainer names when you book. That way, whatever the worse case scenario is, you will still get that gorgeous girl you asked for and impress your mates. and make sure you give feedback whether it be good or bad so we can improve our service for the next group that makes a booking.