Tips for hiring adult entertainment

May 06,2012

At Boobtique we are very proud of our strippers. We think they’re the finest strippers in Adelaide, and we think they should be treated with the utmost respect when taking their clothes off and licking whipped cream off each other. But seriously folks, there are some things you need to think about when hiring adult entertainment. Sure, ogle and drool as much as you like, flirt like you were Frank Sinatra, but if you get too gropey, you could ruin the night for everyone, and your mates will be mighty peeved!

Never, under any circumstances, should you film a stripper’s performance. Any digital recording can reach thousands of people within seconds, thanks to social media. They may be strippers by night, but by day they might be receptionists, salespeople or nursing students (cue hot nurse fantasy). Having their boobs plastered all over the net can destroy their career aspirations. Think about it: how would you fare if your boss stumbled across a video of you swinging a bra like a lasso and motor-boating a stripper?

Another thing to remember: strippers aren’t prostitutes. Some men may fail to grasp this distinction when watching a stripper perform, but if you want a hooker, then hire a hooker. Some men seem to think they’ve suddenly turned into George Clooney when in the presence of a stripper. Yes, our strippers are very friendly, but that doesn’t mean they want to sleep with you. So next time you’re viewing some live adult entertainment, we hope you enjoy the strippers in all their wet, naked, gyrating glory – just don’t pinch their arses as they walk past.