Poker Hire

Poker Hire Package is a suggestion only and can be modified to suit any budget or requirements. Feel free to upgrade the show or add another dealer to the mix. 

Our Poker Hire Package has been put together using the finest quality table tops and casino weight chips. Run by an experienced dealer we can accommodate for professional poker tournaments or the backyard style games. Set up occurs 10 mins prior to start time. Our dealer is happy to collect bets for a winning pool of cash or trade it for a lap dance for the lucky man.

A topless waitress is a great way to keep your eye on the game and keep your mouth lubricated and a half time show is suggested to stretch your legs and empty your snake to help re-focus on the game interuption fee. Each booking also recives a FREE deck of Boobtique playing cards to keep

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The saying goes something like this: poker is like sex – everyone thinks they’re good at it, but most people have no idea what they're doing. The advantage of poker is that it’s a lot easier to at leastattempt to be good at. A buck’s night is a perfect occasion for a bit of poker with the gents, even though you’ll probably be thinking more about boobs. Poker hire Packages can include a hot, lingerie-clad dealer, plus topless waitresses and a stripper, just to add a bit of excitement to the game.

We challenge you to try to keep your poker face when you’re surrounded by breasts and alcohol. Regardless of what hands you’re dealt, at least you're guaranteed to see a few pairs (yes, we’re proud of that joke).

If you don’t know how to play poker, here’s a quick lesson: who cares! A barely clothed minx is hosting the game and you have topless women serving you beer. Just take a seat at the poker table and ogle.

If you’re clever and feel no need to preserve the integrity of the game, you can get a topless waitressto be an accomplice. As she serves the fellow players drinks, she’ll take a sneaky glance at their cards. A nipple tweak means they’re holding a one pair, tweaking two nipples means it’s a two pair. Not sure what the signal is for a royal flush.

In any case, a poker hire package will provide some pretty sweet entertainment at any buck’s show. You get to play cards with the lads and see nudity. What more do you want?