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Annabelle is Adelaide's only smoking hot lingerie DJ available exclusively through Boobtique for party hire. Be hypnotized by her playful, sexy presence and a generous dose of raunch! Annabelle endorses a natural fit body and a warm charm that is sure to delight, captivate and fascinate all. Anabelle comes prepared with a variety of music genre and the best quality equipment that will hollow in the largest of halls. No booking too big or small. Smoke machine and lights can be included for an additional cost of $50. Annabelle is happy to take country bookings however must be planned in advance due to a busy schedule.

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Exclusive to Boobtique

Beer – check. Meat – check. Music? Crap!

No one’s organised any music! Sometimes in the rush to organise a slammin’ buck’s party, some of the most obvious things get overlooked. Music is an integral component of any buck’s party, because it keeps the party pumping and makes inebriated men act like fools and the strippers look like stars!

Sure, someone could bring their iPod but that will inevitably lead to someone bagging the music and replacing it with their own tunes. Then you’ll have a bunch of men fighting over what music should be played, because your taste in music is better than everyone else’s and people have all of a sudden forgotten why they’re there in the first place.

The solution? Hire a DJ. A DJ will know what tunes to play to get everyone in the mood. But why hire just any DJ when you can get a lingerie DJ? That’s right: our DJs are sexy women who wear nothing more than skimpy, lacy underwear while spinning tracks. So while you’re busting a move, the DJ is busting out of her bra. It’s an ingenious concept.

Whatever type of music you want played at the buck’s night, our DJs are happy to wear lingerie while doing it. Think Havana Brown, but with even less clothing. The lingerie DJ package also comes with lights and a smoke machine. So now you have the alcohol, food, music and hot woman for everyone’s viewing pleasure. I think we’re all set.