Kandice Black


Kandice Black is a sexy and seductive performer. She has worked extensively interstate and her shows will leave you Breathless!


  • Lingerie/Bikini Waitress
  • Signature (basic) Show
  • Deluxe Dessert Show
  • Bubble Bath Show
  • Dominatrix Show
  • XXX Show
  • XXX Vibrator Show
  • XXX Dominatrix Show
  • XXX Fruit & Veg Show
  • XXX Tool Time Show
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Recomended Packages

Adelaide Dominatrix Show


As per the signature show in PVC attire including a spectacle of whips, wax and fire! A great way to embarrass your mate. Have your mate gagged, chained and sore for days.

20 mins

Adelaide Bubble Bath Show


As per the signature show with an encore of a slippery and sexy bubble bath or slip and slide performance. Prepare to get your hands wet while you wash her down.

20 mins

Adelaide XXX Vibrator Show


An explicit and raunchy show that includes an abundance of vibrators, sex toys, meters of beads, lollipops and more! This is a highly interactive show.

25 mins