Aston Moore


Erotic Entertainer of the Year 2016, Miss Erotica South Australia "Dance Champion" 2016 and Miss Nude ACT ''Hottest Legs" 2016. Aston is a multi-award winning and one of Boobtique's most talented showgirls. This show pony is known for her sexy and slinky show who playful interacts with all guests she is entertaining for. Aston is full of energy and will bring excitement and sex appeal to any party. Aston is a designated showgirl and may not be available to waitress during peak hours on a Saturday night.


  • Lingerie/Bikini Waitress
  • Topless Waitress
  • Progressive Waitress
  • Signature (basic) Show
  • Deluxe Dessert Show
  • Bubble Bath Show
  • Dominatrix Show
  • Ribbon & Lollipop Show
  • XXX Vibrator Show
  • XXX Dominatrix Show
  • XXX Fruit & Veg Show
  • XXX Tool Time Show
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Recomended Packages

Adelaide XXX Dominatrix Show


As per the XXX Vibrator Show but in PVC attire. A great way to embarrass your mate. This show includes a spectacle of whips, wax and fire! Have your mate gagged, chained and sore for days. This is a highly interactive show.

30 mins

Adelaide Ribbon And Lollipop Show


Watch in ore as your performer unraveled meters of ribbon and inserts lollipops in places you can only imagine. Perfect for a tamer XXX option.

20 mins

Adelaide XXX Vibrator Show


An explicit and raunchy show that includes an abundance of vibrators, sex toys, meters of beads, lollipops and more! This is a highly interactive show.

25 mins